How will we make sure people are not sitting too close to one another?


We will utilize the CDC recommendation of 6’ per person separation guideline both side-to-side as well as front to back. Chairs will be clearly marked indicating where people can sit and the space that is “unavailable,” just as stores are trying to do with placards / stickers indicating where to stand. Family units can sit together, provided they are residing in the same home.


What if more people show up than we can accommodate in the sanctuary?


We have anticipated using the Fellowship Hall space as an overflow. Essentially, people would have a group live stream experience there. Entry would be through a separate outside door at the back of building G. Because we use chairs in that space, we can implement the 6’ per person separation guideline fairly easily. If it becomes necessary, we are prepared to go back to a second, Worship Service on Sunday mornings.


Where do I enter?


We will limit access into the Main Sanctuary via one entrance, through the double front doors (near tape counter), and one exit point through the double doors near the seed box from the sanctuary. Doors will be clearly marked. In addition, these doors will be propped open or held open by a Hospitality or Usher Board Team member, to ensure a “touchless” entry and exit. There will be no other Ingress or Egress access by any other doors. 


Should I wear a mask?


Information from CDC on cloth face coverings indicates wearing a mask reduces the potential for transmission of the COVID-19 virus. All members and visitors are required to wear a mask; gloves and any other personal protective equipment is optional. 


Will the bathrooms be open?


Yes, but their access will be limited, particularly in Phase One. Also, there will be an attendant to ensure that all handles and surfaces are disinfected between services. And, of course, signage reminding users to wash their hands.


How will the offering be received?


Offering baskets will not be passed between congregants. Ushers will point all parishioners to the offering boxes located at the entrance doors, as we are currently attempting to collect/receive in-house tithes and offerings at the beginning of the service. 


What about Communion?


Communion kits will no longer be passed out to congregants at the end of service as before. Communion kits will be distributed by ushers upon entry to the sanctuary; however, communion will still take place at the end of service (first Sunday only). Cups will be discarded in the trash bins placed at the exit once services have ended. 


Will there be Children’s Ministry available?


There will be no Children’s Ministry available during Phase One and Two. It is not possible to ask toddlers and preschoolers to social distance! As such, we have determined that our “safest” approach is to delay all peripheral ministries until phase Three. So, we anticipate some type of return to Children’s Ministry and Sunday School in Phase Three, although they will be somewhat limited in scope.